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This is what people say about us.


Jake Tatch,

Pateadores SC - Michigan University

"Riera is an amazing coach, most passionate and loving coach I know. Never fails to let the team down and always has a plan for each game. His passion is unmatched and he displays an adequate amount of energy of whom anybody would want as their coach. He gives constructive criticism to build you as a player and cares about every single one of us."

Keenai Braun,

UC San Diego

"Coach Riera is a fantastic person, coach, mentor, and player of the game. The way he understands the game is very hard to find in people. He has a passion to help his players succeed, and will push them to get the best out of them. I recommend Riera to those who are willing to play at high levels and want to achieve something in the football realm."
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